Denis De Gloire


Denis de Gloire succeeds in lending the term and thought “action painting” a fresh and astonishing contemporary allure “, says Stephanie Grilli, art critic for the New York Times, among others. It must be said, if you are faced with one of Denis De Gloire’s drippings, you can’t help but lose yourself in it.

As a viewer you quickly get lost in the meandering areas of color, layers of paint and directionless lines. Every square centimeter seems to contain a whole universe, an impression that sticks no matter the distance you take from the canvas.”
Frederic De Meyer in: The Art Couch


Werken van Denis De Gloire zijn niet via de webshop te koop, maar kunnen worden bewonderd en gekocht in (ondermeer) Galerie 57 aan de Katelijnestraat 57, Brugge.