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Handmade from local artists & crafts(wo)men.


Galerie 57 opens webshop today

Galerie 57 opened its webshop today. On, tasteful shoppers can choose from a growing range of decorative and handmade items from artists and craftsmen in the wider region around Brugge (B).

Ceramic or glass sculptures, tableware, woven willow baskets, leather handbags, beech spoons, gold jewelery, molded greeting cards, souvenirs and gifts – the list is long and growing every day. More than 300 unique products made by carriers of the Handmade in Belgium and/or Handmade in Brugge label:

The webshop starts in the run-up to the opening of the store at 57 Katelijnestraat in Bruges. This was originally planned for the end of 2020, but due to the ongoing Covid 19 pandemic and the road works on Katelijnestraat, festivities have been postponed until the end of April – beginning of May.

Jelle Maréchal, owner of Galerie 57: “As soon as the virus is contained and the embellished Katelijnestraat reopens to the public, we will continue to organize exhibitions, demonstrations, thematic sales campaigns, pop-ups and other events. Events like these are meant not only as a service to visitors and shoppers, but also to support local makers.“

In the meantime, a visit to Galerie 57 on Katelijnestraat 57, located within the fortresses of historic Bruges, is possible by appointment and with a maximum of two people. With a mouth mask – which you can take off for a sip of delicious espresso that will be ready for you, served in a beautifully handmade ceramic coffee cup.

Galerie 57 – also in times of Covid-19 definitely worth a trip. Both online as in person!

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Meet the owner

The purchase of a work of art, be it a drawing or a ceramic sculpture, is often an emotional decision, prompted by the desire to capture a moment or a feeling, or by nostalgia, homesickness, or by the desire to steal the heart of an old or young loved one. Or perhaps just because something fits nicely in your interior. Hoe dan ook, aan elke aangekochte sculptuur, vaas of juweel kleeft een  vaak verhaal, al is het maar een alledaagse anecdote waarin men zich herkent en die ons opbeurt. On this page you will get to know some of the owners of our artworks, and their stories. What were they doing in Bruges. Why did they buy just that art work? Where does the sculpture stand or hang now?

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Dominica’s Walvisschaal

I have always known myself surrounded by works by Joost and Bart Maréchal and Ortrud Grevel. A luxury and a privilege to grow up like this. Even though you only realise that when you also discover some grey hairs on your head …

And then the beautiful darlings of Wiebe Berëza joined … I was completely sold, and hippopotamus, goat and bees brightened our house and days.

Big news last week, gallery57 starts a webshop. Oooohhh, that whale shell ??? love at first sight. Sold all over, bought on impulse, and sooooo happy! Thank you, Wiebe, for making the beauty that makes the days just a little more pleasant, preferable and warmer.

Dominica Van Put (Edegem).